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St Mary Magdalene, Willen
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With deep sorrow

On 17th February 2024, our beloved Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, suffered a fatal heart and has passed on. He is already very much missed. Below is a prayer from the RtRevd Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford:

Loving God,
Friend of the broken, the outcast and the hurting

Receive into your tender care our friend and brother Alan.
We give thanks for your abundant grace in his life and ministry.
We entrust Lucy, his family, friends and colleagues to your steadfast love.
We pray especially for the clergy and parishes of the Buckingham Area as they grieve their faithful pastor, friend and shepherd.
We pray for all who mourn.
Kindle in us afresh the hope of rest in Christ and resurrection to new and eternal life.
May Alan, your servant, rest in peace and rise in glory
Through Christ our Lord we pray,

Lenten Quiet Day -
Together for Lent

Saturday 24th February - 10am to 3pm
Quaker Centre, 1 Oakley Gardens, MK15 9BH.
More details here

Welcome to our church of St Mary Magdalene in Willen, designed by Robert Hooke after the Great Fire of London, and completed in 1680. It is a living, breathing church, often dubbed the jewel of Milton Keynes and Hooke's only complete building outside London - still in regular use almost 350 years later.

We pray for peace in Ukraine, Palestine, Israel and all the war-torn countries of our world

18th February - sadly, Father Jonathan's last service with us

Heritage Project
2024 remains a time of renewed progress with the church and our ambition to have an international Willen Church Hooke Heritage building in the churchyard.

Robert Hooke
The Oxford Heritage Partnership report on the importance of this church can be downloaded here.

Churchyard & Volunteers
A big thank you to everyone who helps do such a good job of looking after the church grounds.
Another big thank you to all the volunteers working inside too.
The church operates as a true team effort, inside and out -
entirely by unpaid volunteers, ministers included.





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