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Talk of 17th-century scientists or architects and many will be able to name Sir Christopher Wren and Sir Isaac Newton but how many could name Robert Hooke - who worked with them both, as a contempary.
Hooke was the father of ancient geology and cosmic evolution. He built the first Gregorian telescope and published a book called Micrographia - based on his numerous studies and experiments on macro and micro-scopic science, including the flea, hence the modern-day ode in the form of a flea in sunglasses, drawn by Artificial Intelligence.

As part of our Willen Church Hooke Heritage Project, we researched and created these three A1 posters, which you can download here in A4 size.

Brad Stone 1_Brad Stone 2_Brad Stone 3
These posters and preliminary architect concepts are on display inside the church, until the end of 2023.
If any questions or queries, please feel free to email us at:

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Hooke's un-sung legacy of achievments and creations is so great we have embarked upon this project to build a heritage building in the yard of the church Hooke created. Our church of St Mary Magdalene.

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