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St Mary Magdalene, Willen
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Welcome to our church of St Mary Magdalene in Willen, designed by Robert Hooke after the Great Fire of London, and completed in 1680. It is a living, breathing church, often dubbed the jewel of Milton Keynes and Hooke's only complete building outside London, still in regular use almost 350 years later.

We pray for peace in Ukraine, Palestine, Israel and all the war-torn countries of our world

This is a time of renewed progress with the church and our ambition to have an international Hooke Heritage Centre built in the churchyard.
Christmas is almost with us - with special services and performances,
beginning on Monday 11th December at 1.30pm with the Willen Hospice Choir.

Robert Hooke_Christmas at St Mary Magdaene
The Oxford Heritage report on the importance of this church can be downloaded here.

A big thank you to everyone who helped and helps, including our volunteer gardening group who do such a good job of looking after the church grounds.





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