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Revd Dr Sam Muthuveloe
priest@willenchurch.org - 01908 668829

LLM Margaret Moakes
margaret@willenchurch.org - 01908 237915

LLM Stephen Fletcher
stephen@willenchurch.org - 07428 118450

Churchwarden, Brad Stone
warden@willenchurch.org - 01908 990901

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St Mary Magdalene church, Willen
Willen Village Heritage Association

Find us
The church pre-dates postcodes so please use: MK15 9AA
or what three words for the church entrance: amuse.winning.soups

There is a free car park at: MK15 9JJ,
what three words: reclining.honey.form

For wedding and funeral vehicles, please use: MK15 9AB,
what three words: flying.quietest.coins






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